My name is Widhi. I am from Indonesia. When I was undergraduate student, I studied at Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Biology, Airlangga University in Surabaya. Now, I am graduate student at Plant Molecular Breeding Laboratory, Department of Horticulture, Kyungpook National University, Sangju Campus, South Korea.

This blog, I will tell about molecular biology, because my focus is plant molecular breeding. Hopefully it can be helpfull 🙂


~ widhi adrianna

    5 Tanggapan to “Introduction…”

    1. hi Widhi,
      Glad to see you finally publish your new blog. It was pretty interesting to know that your blog’s material is very specific. Well, I wondering this blog will be the first Indonesian blog that focus on biology molecular info.

      So,Congrats! 🙂

      (englishku kacau bet sih. hehe..:p )

    2. Hi? Good thing if this will be the first Indonesian weblog on molecular biology .
      I’ll looking forward for your weblog development.. (^ ^)


    3. wew..
      blog focusing on biology molecular?? sughoooi…
      i’ll be speechless if it is so.. hohoho..
      oks.. be the pioneer widhi.. very great job!! 😀
      bis dann!

      *sok2an pk english, gak mau kalah ama andri… huehue :mrgreen: *

    4. Hehe.. be the first n succes y!
      I’ll always support u..

    5. maap.. blog ini sempat tidak terurus, karena saya lupa password-nya 🙂
      mohon maaf jika banyak comment yang tidak dibalas

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